Lyhdyn Tila is a great and beautiful place to organize events for companies and private groups, all services in one place! We organize the program, accommodation, meals as well as a magnificent setting for your occasion. We organize business and private meeting facilities, TYKY activities, recreational facilities and various campaigns. The program is designed according to the theme of event to the customer's wishes.

Need a conference room and catering for anniversary, christening, student gatherings, weddings or just festive moment. Lyhdyn Tila's conference room is just right for these events. Banquet space is suitable up to 40 people events. If you include to your event Lyhty's cuisine delicacies you make sure your partys success. You can also combine a program of activities and sauna for your party. After the party, you can top off the day and stay at our suite. We can also accommodate the people of the party.

At Lyhdyn Tila you can go and move around. We offer a wide variety of different activities such as paintball war, frisbee golf and canoeing. A day in Lyhty day is spent enjoying, for example, a paintball war, grilling and bathing. You can also include for a few hours kayaking trip or even frisbee golf round for your accommodation.

Bachelor / bachelorette party! At Lyhdyn Tila you organize the perfect bachelor / bachelorette party, regardless of theme. We offer the festive group accommodation, banquet space, activities, sauna and serving for every occasion. Activities you can choose from the whole group even paintball, frisbee golf and archery, and in addition we can arrange for the man of the hour even water skiing. At a little calmer stag party you can enjoy the beautiful nature, closeness to the sea, excellent accommodation and good catering. We can also arrange, for example, a masseur to the scene.

Recreation Day! The event, which we all are looking forward to the company. Lyhdyn Tila arrange a real recreational days, in which the mind and body will receive a high dose of feel-good feeling. The day includes activities, exercise, programs, sauna and good food. Recreational days away from the office tend to increase the team spirit and working together meaningful. We organize recreational days up to more than 100 people.

"The best day of recreation, what we have ever had."

A client spending recreational dayWhat includes efficient and effective day of meeting? Efficient meeting day includes a suitable meeting environment. We at Lyhdyn Tila offer you a good meeting and conference environment. The conference room offers a wide range of AV equipment and meeting facilities. You can also connect activities, accommodation, sauna and of course the good dinners to your meeting days. We also accommodate your business guests!

Request a quote and book your event on time! Come and spend an effective and refreshing day at Lyhdyn Tila in Kaarina!

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