History of Lyhty

At Kaarina, Kuusisto island, a farm called Lyhty is intrinsically linked to the middle-age events in Kuusisto castle and estate. Lyhty is a Finnish word for lantern. According to the story beacons were held at Lyhty guiding ships inaccessible to castle. The farm has received its name from this. At that time, the sea separated Lyhty from Kuusisto mainland, and the island was such easy to herd cattle during the summer months. The barn of the farm is from 1801 and is Finland's oldest clay building, and still in use.

Lyhty has been held by Riihihuhta family since 1917. Thanks to abundant seaside meadows and natural grazing Lyhty is still a dairy farm, nowadays Kaarinas only. Due to centuries of grazing coastal meadows are water and wading birds resting and breeding areas. Old oak-lined forests are easy to access due to grazing, the undergrowth is missing almost completely. There are two grazed oak forests in Finland and the other one is located in the Lyhty lands.

The current host couple, Pirkko and Vesa Riihihuhta, are cultivating sugar beet in addition to their fodder production. Sugar beet has been cultivated at Lyhty as long as Finland has had sugar processing.

Local Area Attractions

Kuusisto castle ruins and Kuusisto Manor (approx. 3 km)

Lyhdyn Tila is located in the former Kuusisto Castle lands in Kaarina. During the Middle Ages the castle was demolished at the behest of King Gustav Vasa in 1528. Located next to the Castle, Kuusisto Manor is an exhibition of the history of the castle. The mansion is one of Finland's oldest surviving wooden residential buildings. The manor has also few exhibitions related to the subject.

Culture and nature trail (approx. 3 km)

In the vicinity of Kuusisto castle leaves approx. Two kilometers long nature trail with signposts. Route allows you to explore historical monuments as well as unique natural habitat area, vegetation and bird life. The chapel hill allows you to admire the beautiful scenery!

Bird towers (approx. 1km)

In the vicinity of Lyhdyn Tila is located two bird watching towers overlooking the flat, open meadows. The cows grazing and the sea make this Natura area favorable to various wading birds, as well as to other species of birds. If you are a bird watching enthusiast, you should definitely visit one!

Kuusisto Church (approx. 4 km)

Kuusisto Church is archipelago styled old wooden church from the 1700s. Atmospheric small church with its verdant surroundings are beautiful to watch. The Church is also easily accesible for the disabled.

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